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OM: 203045
Telefon: 06 70 / 199-5726
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Nyíregyházi Vocational Training Centre Wesselényi Miklós Technical Institute and Student Hostel Centre of Vocational Training is an institute with one of the most students not only in the city but also in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County. Its recognition may have something to do with its size. There might not be a person, who has not heard of Wesselényi.

The story of the school started after a split-off in 1969. The school moved into a brand new building at its present location in 1974. In 1979 the student hostel and the vocational workshop centre was opened, which has since ensured the high-standard vocational training of nearly a thousand of students. 

As a result of a successful tender, the main building was totally renewed and a new sports hall was built in 2010.

The improvement was also continuous in education. The vocational training was broadened into secondary technical and technician training. Adult training for the final exam was started. 

Our school has had the honourable title “Outstanding Examination Centre” since 2009.

The school has participated in international programs, too. The higher level engineering assistant training in wood industry, and the Leonardo da Vinci mobility program were important milestones (2009-2012). We also pay special attention to the underprivileged students, who struggle with learning difficulties and behavioural disorders. For them the school’s participation in the TÁMOP 3.1.4/08/2 “Competence based education” and IPR (Integrated Preventive Program) are particularly useful.

Our school has been actively involved in adult education since the school year 2013/2014. Due to changes in the laws, more and more people take part in adult training and acquire a second qualification.

Currently our institute has several groups of trade in vocational school: electrotechnics and electronics (electrician), IT (computer repair and maintenance technician), wood industry (joiner), light industry (dressmaker), engineering (precision engineering technician), chemical industry (industrial rubber product maker).

In the secondary technical school our students can choose from four different sectors of trades to be a technician: fine and applied arts (fashion designer), wood industry (wood industry technician),  IT (IT system operators, IT technical specialist, software developer), hair care and beauty services (hairdresser, beautician).

The practical training is provided in well-equipped workshops. The mechanics, electrician, IT and light industry workshops can be found near the main building. The woodwork and upholsterer trainings are in the workshop on Hengersor, while the hairdresser and beautician trainings take place in Univerzum. We have excellent relations with the appropriate operators of the labour market which goes beyond the usual training programs. 

In order to strengthen our practical training, we have been applying for the Erasmus+ programmes (VET) to help the mobility of our vocational students and teachers. We have already taken part in several practical trainings abroad. In 2016 our wood industry technicians, beauticians and hairdressers went to Milan in Italy. In 2017 joiners, fashion designers and stylists and IT technicians visited Braga in Portugal. In addition, in 2018 our hairdressers, fashion designers and stylists and IT technicians could improve their professional competences.

The focus of the educational work in our school is to develop students’ knowledge and personality, with individual development plans when necessary. Our goal is to reduce the disadvantages as well as to improve their chances of further learning of underprivileged students and students with learning disabilities. 

In our school there is a group of underprivileged students, who struggle with learning difficulties and behavioural disorders, “tekerd!” The members are doing their own LEGO project from Lego bricks. They make “artistic creations” and work with international organizations, like LEGO Manufacturing Ltd, and cooperate mainly with foreign artists.

To sum up we can say that we try to create such an atmosphere, where both the students and teachers can feel comfortable and also build an environment of learning, which is strengthened by the traditions, sports and cultural events. We do our best to maximise our students’ employability, as well.




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